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Welcome to the Team HEAT Site! We offer canopy coaching and instruction all over the UK, we aim to cater for every experience level, whether you’re just off AFF or a swooping sky god, we can help you improve your canopy skills.

With many of our team competing at the highest international level we have years of experience in almost every discipline of skydiving and offer a variety of other services. You can book us for a number of courses; we do AFF, Tandems, Expeditions, Rigging. We also offer a number of specialist services such as Military parachute training, BASE courses and Expert parachute consultancy.

Check out our gallery to see us at recent competitions and some cool events we’ve done in the past. And don’t forget to watch our taster video while you’re there! Contact us to book a course now or to organise a course at your DZ. If you’re interested in any of the other services we offer don’t hesitate to contact us!

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